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Being a responsible citizen of Planet Earth

If you are one of those like me who spends a lot of time online, you would surely be exposed to several 'awareness creation' messages on how to be a responsible Earthian. From gruesome images of fish caught in plastic debris to Greta Thunberg's disapproving scowl, I am constantly reminded by online content to be… Continue reading Being a responsible citizen of Planet Earth

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Growth of Video Marketing

How many of you hit the share button, when you see interesting content on social media? Surely we all share content between groups in Whatsapp. And if you think about it, most of this content is in the Video form. Enacted dramas, speeches, videographics, songs or movies are all videos that we share everyday. Video… Continue reading Growth of Video Marketing

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Tips for Businesses to deal with Trolls online

Social Media is a great tool for connecting with friends and followers and allowing a few trolls to ruin that experience is unnecessary, if not foolish. Here are some tips on how to effectively deal with trolls online...

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DataLeaks – How safe are you on Social Media?

There has been so much brouhaha, about the recent admission of data leaks and apology by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, that people have started closing their Facebook accounts. Friends are warning each other off social media by sharing scary conspiracy theories on the very same social media. Is there merit to being afraid of social… Continue reading DataLeaks – How safe are you on Social Media?

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Power of Visual Communication – Pictures Vs Words

A picture is worth a thousand words is a common saying. Its important for brands to recognize this and adapt their social media communications to rely more on visuals.

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Setting up a Facebook Business Page

Creating a page is only a small part of the task of having a business page - getting all the elements of the page right is most important. This post will tell you all about the various elements of a Business Page and how to get them right.

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How to use Social Media successfully for your business

Many  brands struggle to engage audience, especially if their social media budget is limited. This post will tell you the basic necessities of Social Media Marketing for business and the mistakes to avoid while doing that.