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Time has run out on TikTok

While many have welcomed the move by the Indian government to ban 59 Chinese apps, some have vociferously voiced their dissent. Let's see if these objections hold good by a detailed analysis on TikTok and why its time has run out.

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Growth of Video Marketing

How many of you hit the share button, when you see interesting content on social media? Surely we all share content between groups in Whatsapp. And if you think about it, most of this content is in the Video form. Enacted dramas, speeches, videographics, songs or movies are all videos that we share everyday. Video… Continue reading Growth of Video Marketing

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How to use Social Media successfully for your business

Many  brands struggle to engage audience, especially if their social media budget is limited. This post will tell you the basic necessities of Social Media Marketing for business and the mistakes to avoid while doing that.