Strategies to Grow your Education Business

If you are running an educational service for children (also applicable to adult education) and would like to grow that online, this is a must-watch for you. Education has moved online now and this calls for a fresh new approach to marketing your business for the Digital first generation of consumers. I share Digital and Marketing Strategies to grow your Education business online in 5 easy steps.

Click Baits Explained

Have you ever clicked on an article or a video post simply because the title and/or the copy promised mindblowing content? Were you disappointed after clicking because the content actually was less interesting or didn’t deliver as promised? Then you have been “Click-baited”. Click Baits are targeted at your fear, greed, lust, or guilt to make you click on a post and lead you a website to garner more traffic for that website. This week’s Demystifying Digital talks about why this has become the norm on Digital Channels and how you can use click-bait your customers.

Understanding Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising trumps all other forms of advertisement because it focuses on YOU – the audience. The advertisements are tailor-made for you based on your choices and preferences making it easy for Brands to sell to you. This video explains how this is designed on digital channels and how it differs from advertising on all other channels. Subscribe to receive more DEMYSTIFYING DIGITAL content – Digital phenomena explained in simple and easy to understand ways with examples and anecdotes.

5 Steps to Sell using Whatsapp (for Traders & Retailers)

Retail stores and shops remain empty due to safety concerns and many other reasons. Digital Selling can be the solution for small traders who are desperate to reconnect with clients and start selling. This video talks about how retail shops and traders can target their customers using Whatsapp and what messages they can give to increase patronage.

Influencers – how can you become one?

In this episode of Demystifying Digital, learn about Influencers – who they are, why they are sought after and how you can become one. This series aims to simplify the many topics related to Digital media, Social Media and Digital Marketing in a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand.

Going Viral – The Overnight Success Formula

Everyone wants to “Go viral” and become popular overnight. But is this virus as easy too catch as the corona virus? Watch this video to understand what qualifies as ‘viral hit’ and what this means for an individual who has ‘gone viral’ and how to catch this elusive victory.

Fighting Fake News

Only thing that is rising rapidly along with or even surpassing the number of Covid-19 cases is the number of fake news forwards. Whatsapp is a breeding ground for the spread of the fake new virus. Every netizen actively participates in propagating products out of the fake news factory. Just as the multitude of TV channels are in a race for giving the Breaking News first, thumb happy social mediates seem to be in a race to forward first. Listen to me discuss why we indulge in such behaviour and what could we do to avoid this