Priya mugshot

I am a Digital Marketing professional who learnt the art and science of Digital Marketing the best way possible – by getting my hands dirty doing it for my e-commerce startup. Maya’sArc Jewelry was the brainchild of myself and my best-friend/partner Uma in Malaysia in 2010. We designed and sold handmade jewellery creations online via Facebook. Orders from all over the world prompted us to start our own website which we designed ourselves and built with the help of a “techie” friend. Business growth came exclusively from Facebook Marketing and we grew along with Facebook and the myriad versions and upgrades of the social media channel. My subsequent move to India and the growth of giant online shopping stores saw our margins getting squeezed and when it became obvious that we could not compete with the big guns, we shut shop. By this time in 2016, I had learnt and experienced all the tricks and nuances of Facebook Marketing that I decided to “pivot” into my new role as Social Media Marketing Consultant.

After doing freelance consulting for a few companies, I joined Vara United as the Head of Social Media Centre of Excellence.  I was responsible for driving the social media channels for Vara and other companies within the Kanoria Foundation between 2017 – 2018. In 2018, I joined Takewing Communication and under the expert guidance of Kishore Menon, an Advertising veteran in Chennai, learnt the nuances of Marketing and Advertising. Now, along with Kishore Menon and Bharathy Balasaraswathy, another Advertising professional, I run Prequel Lab – a Digital Marketing agency focusing on Strategy, Content and Data to help companies with online Brand Building.

I have travelled the world along with my husband Sridhar, an oil-services engineer, and lived in several countries wherever his work had taken us. USA, Canada, Iran, UAE and Malaysia are countries I have lived and worked in. My experiences, both professional and personal, are varied and rich due to this. I credit my ability to adapt to any situation to the constant moving and having to raise children in new environments.

I have an MBA (Thesis) degree from The University of Calgary, Canada, a PGDM (Finance) from T A Pai Management Institute (Class of 1995) and a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Madras Christian College, Chennai.

My other interests include music and politics. I intend using this platform to share all my interests and experiences with like-minded people. I hope my ramblings could throw light on a few things for those interested in learning from my experiences and musings.